October update – we are looking for testers!

The moment for which we have been waiting for a long time is slowly approaching:  we are close to publishing of the Ventilaid device documentation. Before this happens, however, we want to be absolutely sure that everything is ok, that the device and documentation prepared by us do not contain errors, shortcuts, defects – everything […]

Ventilaid August update

To all those following the progress of the Ventilaid project….please forgive us. From the very beginning #VentilAid has been extraordinarily ambitious and labour intensive. For about 3 months we’ve worked on prototypes searching for solutions and optimising the device so that is beyond safe. The ambitious plan to make it available before the end of June turned out […]

30 04 Ventilaid LIVE: Q&A session

We receive lots of questions regarding the current status of our project. At the end of April, we have decided to organize a Q&A session with Szymon Chrupczalski (no beard) & Szymon Bacher (the bearded one). You can learn more about some fundamental questions such as: Why we didn’t publish documentation for the 3rd prototype […]

The Ventilaid prototype is gaining global recognition

Representatives of Polish medical institutions believe that the straightforward and easy to produce Ventilaid device could be a useful tool to help patients suffering from a severe respiratory infection attributed to COVID-19 to breathe. Professor Ryszard Gordosz and his team and Dr. Michał Świdak provided meritorical support on work carried out on the Ventilaid device. […]

April 16: Where are we now?

Above all, the most important operation of the crew is to successfully complete the ventilator project. The protoype is already operational and now has to go through a whole host of tests to ensure it is safe and ready to be used by patients. The main features of the device are:✔️ Compactness and mobility✔️Universal power supply✔️ Automatic […]

April 4th Update

We thank all our supporters and people of goodwill, that contact us every day offering help and support. Our team is currently working hard on Prototype3 – something completely new, that may soon be a big step forward in whole #opensourceventilator movement. This ventilator is going to be cheap, accessible, compact, mobile and easy to power up […]

April 1st Update

Open-source ventilators remain our mayor goal, but after meeting with many doctors working in Krakow’s hospitals, we have also learned much about their other needs. One of the most important was 3d-printed-adapters to assemble medical filters for diving masks. These adapters help to protect the life and health of medical staff and accelerate their work […]

VentilAid – Those who really want to help – now is the time!

After series of meetings, calls, messages and impressive brainstorms we have several conclusions, that we wanted to share with our community.The visit in a hospital (which involved some test on anatomical models and long conversations with medical doctors) led us to one clue: we have to split the VentilAid into subsystems.From the practical point of […]

March 29th Update

In only few days our VentilAid initiative has grown into a big multinational structure with not only one but almost ten side projects. Our engineers are busy from morning until late evening, here are some short updates what are we working on at the moment