3D printed last resort ventilator

This is the device that started VentilAid initiative. Thanks to the huge response of the community, medical units, medical technicians and anesthesiologists, we were able to verify our assumptions about the first MkI prototype. It turned out that this way of ventilation of patients with Covid-19 is ineffective and the need exists for another type of device. That is why we stopped supporting this prototype and focused on developing the more sophisticated and demanding MkIII - VentilAid Breathing Device.

Zasób 18_FromPolandWithLove_white

.project status: discontinued.

Zasób 17_FromPolandWithLove_red

The first prototype

Discontinued but open

This device remains a prototype that requires further development, as it doesn’t meet demands of today’s medicine. Nevertheless we keep this project public and available for everyone that may be need it as a last-resort device and for other engineers who may find our solutions valuable.