April 16: Where are we now?

Above all, the most important operation of the crew is to successfully complete the ventilator project. The protoype is already operational and now has to go through a whole host of tests to ensure it is safe and ready to be used by patients. The main features of the device are:
✔️ Compactness and mobility
✔️Universal power supply
✔️ Automatic function in CPAP and BiPAP modes
✔️ Up to 70% FiO2
✔️ Pressure up to 15 cm H2O (with a greater technical capablity of up to 30cm H2O)
✔️The device adapts to the breathing rhythm of the patient
✔️ The project is to easy assemble and immediate mass production deployment is possible.

Secondary features include a special headpiece, which enables patients to breathe comfortably, even for many hours, and finally an oxygen concentrator which can help to cope with shortages of compressed oxygen in cannisters, which has already been encountered in some countries.

Wesprzyj projekt

W tej chwili kończymy nasz główny projekt: urządzenie wspomagające oddychanie, VentilAid. Po ostatnich udoskonaleniach i testach jesteśmy gotowi na uzyskanie wszystkich potrzebnych certyfikatów, a docelowo na produkcję masową.

Podziel się wiadomością ze znajomymi

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