Ventilaid August update

To all those following the progress of the Ventilaid project….please forgive us.
From the very beginning #VentilAid has been extraordinarily ambitious and labour intensive.
For about 3 months we’ve worked on prototypes searching for solutions and optimising the device so that is beyond safe.
The ambitious plan to make it available before the end of June turned out to be unrealistic.
Lawyers caused us a massive headache. We were thus unable to share the open source documentation when some solutions used by us at Ventilaid would breach third party interests, everything had to be checked and analysed.
Thankfully after verification (the beginning of August) it was possible to confirm that everything is fine.
Already in the process of preparing documentation we stumbled upon a technical problem with the oxygen feeder, a problem which we hadn’t noted while focused on the overall functionality of the device.
We are currently working to fix this.
Preparing a prototype is one thing, preparing documentation is something completely different. Every element must be covered in detail, diagrams, assembly etc. One part of the team is dedicated to this, it is extremely time consuming to ensure that everything is crystal clear to the reader.
Each of us is the owner of a company, some of them were affected by the crisis as well as other additional responsibilities.
It is the first time we have worked on a project of this scale, with only a handful of us.
We ask you kindly for patience and understanding, we’re doing everything possible to stick to our word.
Stay healthy!