that can be
made anywhere,

preventing COVID-19 consequences

We are facing a serious threat due to COVID19. Most of the countries are suffering severe shortage of medical equipment, that cannot be produced and delivered in a short time. Ventilators are essential to keep breathing when faced with the complications of COVID19. See the information below if you want to become part of the solution.

24th of March Update

A new prototype is coming out very soon! We have discussed technical details with some wonderful doctors and ventilator specialists. They wish to stay anonymous, but if you reading us: thank you, your knowledge and experience are priceless! 
Changes: more reliability, less moving parts. Higher PIP (over 40cm H2O) and higher PEEP parameter. We are satisfied with precise tidal volume settings and large scale of inspiration:expiration ratio settings.


We are a group of engineers and designers who constantly develop and share to the public the VentilAid project, open source ventilator, that can be made anywhere locally with 3D printer and very basic parts. Ventilators are essential to keep breathing when faced with the complications of COVID19.

We believe COVID19 pandemic will pass with minimized harm to mankind thanks to proper use of technology and solidarity in sharing knowledge.


VentilAid is a last resort device, applicable only when proffessional equipment is missing.

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Goals & technical guidelines

We create a variety of ventilator projects

3D printer and essential components NEEDED ONLY

We share good knowledge and useful information

only professional and expert knowledge

produced instantly and locally

can be produced in emerging regions of the world

Only tested prototypes

Only simple and effective designs


VentilAid is a last resort device when professional equipment is missing

Please do not print or use the prototype for medical purposes! The clinical testing process is still ahead.

What have we achieved so far?

Prototype I


Open-source ventilator, that can be made anywhere locally. 

The last resort device.

Tested. Reliable. Need constant access to compressed air.

Possibility regulation: air amount, in and out air filtration, air humidification, breathing rate, pressure.

3D printed parts: 15 hours of printing. PLA /ABS and TPU/Flex material. Reliable if well printed. 

Industrial parts: 

Pneumatic actuator with 10-20 cm stroke. Very reliable. 

Pneumatic limit switch or electric limit switch with check valve and 12VDC power supply. Very reliable.

Our next step?

More ventilator projects!

VentilAid must be simple, very cheap and possible to produce locally from commonly available parts and 3D printed elements.
We encourage internet community to participate in a project that can save lives!

We work on Prototype II

12 V DC (car battery) / 120C AC – 230V AC (socket) and no compressed air nor pneumatic actuator needed.


let's help others

How you can help?

You can help! Please contact us if your area of expertise is connected to one of proffessions listed below:

First of all, we are not starting any mass production. 

We need to develop the project first. 

That is why we currently need your help, your feedback, your experience.

Become a participant

A physician with experience in intubating patients and ventilators usage.

Technician with knowledge and experience in designing and using ventilators and medical equipment.

Engineer with experience in designing 3D printed parts and making reliable mechanisms.

Manager with experience in leading and managing projects.

None of above?

You can still help!

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Let us work together!

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any details you are interested in. We will gladly answer any of your questions.