Open-Source solutions to fight
the Coronavirus pandemic

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Making the world a safer place.
Get to know our mission!

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World situation

What we wish to resolve

We are facing a serious threat due to COVID19. Most of the countries are suffering severe shortage of medical equipment, that cannot be produced and delivered in a short time. Ventilators are essential to keep breathing when faced with the complications of COVID19. See the information below if you want to become part of the solution.


VentilAid is a last resort device, applicable only when all other professional equipment is unavailable!

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Who are we

What drives us

We are a group of engineers and designers who constantly develop and share to the public the VentilAid Project! An open source ventilator, that can be made anywhere locally with a 3D printer and very basic parts. Ventilators are essential to keep breathing when faced with the complications of COVID19.

We believe COVID19 pandemic will pass with minimized harm to mankind thanks to proper use of technology and solidarity in sharing knowledge.


The Mk I and II device prototypes are of last resort only – applicable only if professional equipment is unavailable! Due to the current development of the latest Mk III prototype, we have closed and no longer support the previous ones! You print them at your own risk, and we strongly advise against using them!

How did it start​

What happened so far

March 16th

Mateusz Janowski together with the Urbicum team: Szymon Bacher, Szymon Chrupczalski, Jan Pawlik, and Maciej Żarnowski, prepared a rough prototype of a simple and printable respirator of last resort.

March 17th

Szymon Chrupczalski contacts Miłosz Lodowski from MxM Production House and informs him about the emerging solution and existing prototype. So, shortly after, the idea of ​​a global outreach campaign is born…

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Goals and statements of the project

We create a variety of ventilator projects

3D printed and essential components needed only

We share good knowledge and useful information

Only professional and expert knowledge

Produced instantly and locally

Can be produced in emerging regions of the world

Only tested prototypes

Only simple and effective designs

We will gladly answer any of your questions

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details