30 04 Ventilaid LIVE: Q&A session

We receive lots of questions regarding the current status of our project. At the end of April, we have decided to organize a Q&A session with Szymon Chrupczalski (no beard) & Szymon Bacher (the bearded one).

You can learn more about some fundamental questions such as:

  • Why we didn’t publish documentation for the 3rd prototype yet?
  • How different is this new prototype comparing to those previous ones?
  • What are the medical devices used on the prototype3?
  • Which motor have you used in your ventilator is it Brushed and brushless motor?
  • What do you think once your ventilator is validated in your country and it’s ready to be used do you think that other countries will be able to adapt to use that ventilator as we once you shared your file some people can use some quiet change in the material used in manufacturing processes?
  • What crappy science fiction story from the 1960′ you like?
  • What about the software for this new device? – What about countries that will not be able to produce your ventilator?
  • Will you give some tasks to the community?
  • Can you show us the pressure sensor you are using if you have one nearby?
  • Besides using filters, how can you adapt the Prototype3 to filter the air exhaled by a patient?
  • For the Exhale Valve can we use the solenoid valve and pressure sensor in order to achieve the peak and stabilizing the plateau pressure?

We hope you enjoy our Q&A session, the next one will take place somewhere in May.

Let’s bring solidarity back to our lives! #FromPolandWithLove

Wesprzyj projekt

W tej chwili kończymy nasz główny projekt: urządzenie wspomagające oddychanie, VentilAid. Po ostatnich udoskonaleniach i testach jesteśmy gotowi na uzyskanie wszystkich potrzebnych certyfikatów, a docelowo na produkcję masową.

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