Open-source ventilators remain our mayor goal, but after meeting with many doctors working in Krakow’s hospitals, we have also learned much about their other needs. One of the most important was 3d-printed-adapters to assemble medical filters for diving masks. These adapters help to protect the life and health of medical staff and accelerate their work with patients.

Let us just say, that the joy in the eyes of the doctor, who received these simple adapters was the most valuable reward we could ever receive.

This solution is simple and we can organize it from the bottom up – because every hospital in Poland can be equipped with diving masks and adapters. Stay tuned for more updates – everyone can help!

#Ventilaid ventilator #CPAP+ – is soon going to be released to the public, there are already more than 50 professional Polish companies offering free help. We have a communication platform ready for them, and we are starting to organize the whole community.

More things are coming. We receive information about the needs of the hospitals from all over the world, and we work on solutions.

Stay in a good health!
#VentilAid #FromPolandWithLove