Quick update for Sunday evening

Since we published short presentation of our 3d printed ventilator prototype, our VentilAid initiative has grown into a big multinational structure with not only one but almost ten side projects. Our engineers are busy from morning until late evening, here are some short updates what are we working on at the moment:

1. 3d printed turbine for CPAP ventilators, small, silent and effective – will work for people in medium condition, that encounter breathing problems,
2. Oxygen generator for small ventilators – affordable and easy-to-use,
3. Full-face masks for medical personnel – they will require standard medical air filters also available among military

Check out our FAQ in English and Polish (Spanish will be ready soon):


Our teams and communities are constantly growing; you can already join one of the existing and contribute to one of our works.

Remember, we stay open-source – their mission is still here: provide accessible and printable solutions to fight epidemics.
Good luck and stay healthy

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