Ventilaid breathing device Mk III

Project status:

Ready open-source device

A decrease in lung function is noticeable in patients with Covid-19, which results in insufficient oxygen being supplied to the rest of the body. This situation is very dangerous for the patient’s health. In response to the threat and the growing demand for a breathing support device, we have created VentilAid MKIII.

VentilAid is a device that is supposed to provide a constant supply of oxygen to people suffering from Covid-19 at the right pressure. Our solution, prevents the collapse of alveoli, causes that the risk of deterioration of health decreases, and thus the occurrence of possible complications.
Our device is designed to relieve overworked medical staff, thanks to the possibility of supervision and diagnostics of its work using a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

VentilAid will inform you about a series of alarms
– changes in tidal volume pressure
– number of breaths per minute
– any leakage

This important information will allow medical staff to respond quickly.

VentilAid was created as a result of consultations with anaesthesiologists based on knowledge about COVID-19 and reports from pandemic centers. It is based on the recommendations of doctors and modern technological solutions.comp

Major features

  • Compactness and mobility
  • Universal power supply
  • Automatic function in CPAP and BiPAP modes
  • FiO2 do 70%,
  • Up to 70% FiO2
  • Pressure up to 15 cm H2O (with a greater technical capablity of up to 30cm H2O)
  • The device adapts to the breathing rhythm of the patient

How does VentilAid work?

Szymon Bacher explains how low-cost breathing device is constructed.

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