We thank all our supporters and people of goodwill, that contact us every day offering help and support. Our team is currently working hard on Prototype3 – something completely new, that may soon be a big step forward in whole #opensourceventilator movement. This ventilator is going to be cheap, accessible, compact, mobile and easy to power up – just 12 V, i.e. a regular laptop power supply or a car socket will do. After that another challenge: BIPAP system that may become helpful for about 50% of patients suffering from COVID-19 disease. In the project, we use an original turbine design that can be printed in a 3D printer.

We received financial support from the Polish National Foundation. Their support will allow us to secure the first needs of the project and the team, it significantly improves morale – you can say – that thanks to that we began to be even a little less tired;)

First printed versions of Prototype 1 – our Last Chance Ventilator are being tested in India – we are happy, that our vision of cheap and easy-to-get is slowly becoming a reality.

There is more:

➡️ On our repository, you can find STL files to print simple adapters, that you can use to add medical (or military) filters to diving masks.
➡️ We are also working on a cheap solution to create oxygen for the cylinders – there were many voices, that pure oxygen cylinders are also important case.

Wesprzyj projekt

W tej chwili kończymy nasz główny projekt: urządzenie wspomagające oddychanie, VentilAid. Po ostatnich udoskonaleniach i testach jesteśmy gotowi na uzyskanie wszystkich potrzebnych certyfikatów, a docelowo na produkcję masową.

Podziel się wiadomością ze znajomymi

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