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Right now, we are finishing our main project: VentilAid Breathing Device. After the last adjustments and tests we are ready for obtaining all needed certifications and ultimately, we proceed with an all-out production.

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.if you ask why support us.

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What's so special

About VentilAid Project

Most countries suffer from a lack of medical equipment.

The scale and speed of expansion of the disease mercilessly laid te situation bare.

Life-saving equipment may not be produced and delivered on demand and in a short time.

Finally, the price may exceed even the possibilities of well-organized countries.

Aware of these shortcomings and increase in similar problems, now and in the future, we have recognized that ventilators are the key yet scarce medical devices at the current stage.

They enable medical services to treat people suffering from infection symptoms and breathing problems, thus prevent the patients health from a rapid deterioration.

The most important assumption guiding our team is the simplicity of the technical solutions while minimizing their costs and maintaining functionality.

.main attributes.

.fully Open-Source.

Our goal is to save lives around the world. Hundreds of people from VentilAid community are working to develop cheap and simple ventilator. This project is open-source. Anyone can download files and print them anywher for non-profit. When you add some affordable industrial parts, the project is ready.

.what do we spend funds on.

We invest received funds on buying equipment for further development, industrial parts and new prototypes.

.top class professional engineering.

We fund the cost of our team, since the beginning we have been volunteers, but there are people, who work 24/7 on the project, it’s time to become professional.

.completely non-profit.

Low-cost Ventilator  to fight COVID-19! After Ventilator no.3 is ready, we want to send as many of them to the countries that need them the most and cannot afford to buy such devices from big companies for huge prices.

.how can you donate.


.via PayPal.

.via fast transfer.

.via internet transfer - Polish.

Za wsparcie finansowe dla projektu “VentilAid” odpowiada:

Fundacja Aktywna Galicja

ks. Piotra Skargi 52
38-200 Jasło

Nr Konta:
32 1240 2340 1111 0010 8453 3745 (BANK PEKAO SA)

Tytuł: “Darowizna projekt VentilAid”

.via internet transfer - International.

You can support our project through following foundation:

Fundacja Aktywna Galicja

ks. Piotra Skargi 52
38-200 Jasło, POLAND



PL 32 1240 2340 1111 0010 8453 3745

Title: “For VentilAid project”

.how can you donate.


.via cryptocurrency.

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