A lot is going on. 72 hours have passed since the start of the campaign.

One of its goals was to call the broadest possible group of people to be active, to join the project of developing a respirator and other tools that would help us face the epidemic of the coronavirus. We met with an incredible response that exceeded our wildest expectations, thanks to that, many doctors, engineers, constructors and technical servicemen contacted us. We are extremely grateful for critical and professional comments. Thanks to these conversations and tests, we were able to develop our project, and we also saw the need for broader action:

Current project development:

1. The #VentilAid prototype I and II will continue to be developed, it is not yet safe to use. We invite you to help all electronics, electrical engineers with experience in the design of medical devices. We will combine your knowledge on the prepared platform.

2. In the next few dozen hours, we will show Prototype III – built on the appeal of doctors to relieve professional equipment and applicable to people with complications, but not in a severe condition,

3. We plan a project for mass production of respirators according to a modified but certified design.

4. We follow all initiatives in Poland and in the world aimed to produce missing rescue equipment. We try to integrate ideas and ready solutions. Information and knowledge transfer is crucial – share good knowledge and ready-to-use solutions! Everyone involved in the help will be listed on the project pages.

Take care and stayhealthy!