References/Useful Links: Other Open Source Ventilator Projects

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References/Useful Links: Other Open Source Ventilator Projects

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Here's a list of other ventilator projects from around the world compiled by

Hopefully this will help with the design process! (List Below)

Open Source Ventilators

Emerging open source ventilator initiatives from around the world.
Other Ventilator Projects

Emerging projects that are not currently announced as open source.
Wikipedia: Open Source Ventilator

An analyzed list of projects to make emergency ventilators in response to COVID-19, focusing on free-libre open source.

Call for Rapid Manufacture Ventilation System

UK government Relevant Links

Resources to Support Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Open Source Ventilator Projects: Status, Challenges, How You Can Help ... source=rss

Rescue Ventilation

Bauer Medical Face Shield: Open source plans ... pec-Art_r1

Help Crowdsource Repair Information for Hospital Equipment ... -equipment

Engineers For Doctors is gathering resources and building open-source tools and equipment to help Doctors survive and tackle coronavirus

3D Printing Unite For COVID-19 ... -covid-19/

Helpful Engineering: an initiative to design, source and execute projects that can help people suffering from the COVID-19 crisis worldwide.

Help with Covid-19: projects & volunteers that want to help

Manufacturing and COVID-19: How you or your organisation could help ... ould-help/

Covid-19 Open Source projects ... re-covid19

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies

Open Ventilator Registry: a cloud-based national registry of ventilators and the hospitals that need them most ... orRegistry

Cronei Foundation