Inlet muffler/laminar flow element MK2

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Inlet muffler/laminar flow element MK2

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Muffler/filter body
Filter plug
laminar element cap female
laminar element main body
laminar element cap male
32mm plug push fit/threaded adaptor

Filter plug had its walls thickened and diameters fixed to fit the muffler and be more rigid, also grips made on the sides to help with removal.
Muffler had inlet holes changed to help with rigidity issues, outlet threaded to ensure air tightness and to use with coupler as stand alone filter/muffler anywhere else on the system.
Laminar element has both caps threaded now.
Coupler is to allow connection of 32 mm PE tubing.

Laminar element can have both caps printed as male and using coupler will let it be used as in line laminar element at any point in the system.
:!: It does not use seals or gaskets, it's to be glued together.

Male connector will use 32mm x 2mm oring
Coupler will use 32mm x 2mm oring

Files to print and test:!AoLnVDhogROjjbwSs0A ... g?e=GZlz20
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